Unable to associate mp3 files with Audacity

OS Windows 10
Audacity 2.3.0

No matter how or by the methods described on the forum, I’m unable to associate mp3 files with Audacity. I’ve tried:

(This is on a brand new laptop with no other software installed other than what comes pre installed)

Using Ccleaner (even the Pro version) before doing a clean install (no references to Audacity found in registry but there shouldn’t be, it’s a fresh install)

Left clicking on an mp3 file by using “Open with” (Audacity not shown) and by choosing an App on the PC I can only get the program to show by going into C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity then selecting the application icon. Then when I select and tick the “Always use etc” box, it will not stay selected and defaults to the program that was there already.

Right click on the Windows key, Settings, Default Apps, Music Player, Choose an App but Audacity not shown.

I’ve even reset the PC twice by the ‘wipe my files’ method and each time I get the same result.

I can, however play mp3 files ok by dragging them in to the desktop short cut or by File,Open and selecting an mp3.

Never had this problem before - can anyone possibly shed some light please?!



It is not recommended to associate audio files with Audacity as doing so will interfere with the normal “play” associations, and it can be annoying to be prompted to save the new Audacity project if all you wanted to do was to play the file. Also, Windows 10 makes it difficult to associate files with applications that don’t come from Microsoft Store.

Thanks for the swift reply Steve

I was beginning to think it might be related to that with this build of W10, particularly as I have never had a problem associating files with it before before. That’s a shame, just a bit inconvenient. Being a musician, I use it mostly for loop playback when learning new songs with the occasional trimming and abridging.

If you make a Desktop shortcut to Audacity, you can drag an audio file onto the Audacity icon.