Unable to adjust Recording levels with USB Mic (Rode NT1 5th Gen) on 3.5.1

Hello. I recently updated audacity to 3.5.1 and now cannot adjust my record levels for the microphone I usually use, a Rode NT1 (5th Gen) connected to my mac mini via USB-C. Default settings are 32-bit float which previously working with this microphone would allow me to normalise out any clipping (one of the features of using this microphone) however that seems to be lost now as well.
I had previously been able to adjust the record levels but now they seem to be fixed at 100% This and the other issues mentioned seem to be since I updated to the latest version of audacity (3.5.1)
I am on a Mac Mini (m2 Pro) running Sonoma 14.4.1
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
**Please note - I re-installed version 3.4.2 and this has solved my problems described above for now.

That would have been my recommendation. This will let you get your work done while they struggle with 3.5


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Please don’t double post. I removed your other message.


My apologies Koz. This has been my first experience using this forum. I actually posted it in feedback as well as I thought it may not get seen by the program developers here & it seemed to be an issue with the latest version of audacity mac osx that needed to be fed back to the developers?

Developers didn’t spend any time on the old forum and I think it’s still the case on the new one. The forum elves may notify the development team if a metric ton of posters arrive with the same serious problem. And even then it may take many months to generate a fix.

We’ll see what the other elves have to say.