Unable to add FFmpeg Library on Audacity 3.2.4

I’m running Audacity 3.2.4 on a windows 10 64 bit computer.

I was trying to work with a m4a file and it requires a FFmpeg library.
I downloaded and installed in C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity the library, including the avformat-59.dll.

However after restarting Audacity it still complains about needing the dll.

I even went to the Edit->Preferences->Libraries and saw it said FFmpeg library not found
I went to the directory where the library exists to add the location but even then it fails.

Please suggest a way to get this working.


If you download and RUN [u]FFmpeg_5.0.0_for_Audacity_on_Windows_x86_64.exe[/u] the correct version of FFmpeg should get installed to the correct location and it should work. (You may have to re-start Audacity.)

I did run the install using the link you gave, but unfortunately I am having the same problem

I assume you can play the M4A file in another application? You know it’s good?

As a (hopefully temporary) work-around you can convert it to WAV with a 3rd-party application. (I have [u]Kabuu Audio Converter[/u] and [u]TAudioConverter[/u] which I use if I just want to convert a file without editing.)

FFmpeg is going to decompress the audio anyway so it’s basically the same process, but a couple of extra steps for you.

And of course, if you want to keep M4A format you can export as WAV and use the same 3rd-party tool to make the new M4A.

Yes, so you probably have 64-bit Audacity installed. However, it is possible to run 32-bit Audacity on a 64-bit Windows computer. To verify which 32/64-bit version of Audacity you are running, look at Help > About Audacity > Build Information > Build type.

Good catch - The build type is for a 32 bit machine.
I’ll try to uninstall and replace with the 64 bit version

I did verify my file is good. I’ll try the conversion tools you mentioned