Unable To Access Data From Old Aup File

Hi I’d like to find out how I can access data that was recorded in an older version of Audacity. The file is aup and I am able to open it in the newer version of Audacity but I am unable to see my data everything is empty. I have tried chasing the file to aup3 and I’ve tried open file but it still shows the same thing. Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

That’s because there is no data in there. The AUP file is a pointer and data manager for an associated _data folder. That folder had a pile of AU files and that’s where the actual sound is.

This was a common complaint and the main reason for the aup3 file which does contain everything needed to reconstruct the show. Look for your show name_data folder. If you don’t find one, then that’s the end of the show.


I still have the data folder is there anyway you can have a look at it to see if you can retrieve the data for me?

Make sure the _data folder and the .aup file are in the same location or folder. Put them both on the desktop. Double click the AUP file and the show should open.


The long version of that: The AUP file will not look for the _data folder beyond its immediate neighborhood. If it can’t find the _data folder right now, it gives up.

One of the possible solutions to the “two file” problem would have been to let the AUP file search your system for the _data folder. That caused so many addition problems it was actually easier to change the Project Format and have it over with.

The new Audacity will open everything. The older Audacity will not open an AUP3 Project.


It opens but there is no data in the show it’s empty

Pop open the _data folder. Double click it. It should have a bunch of .au files with complicated names. Each AU file should open in Audacity and play 6 (I think I remember) seconds of show. What do you have?


My data file is missing a specific file which is causing an error that says silence inserted. My other files that are from the older version of Audacity are able to open in the new version of Audacity as aup3 files.

That’s like 6 seconds of silence, right? I think that’s the best you can do. The little AU files have intentionally scrambled names, so there’s no going back to re-construct the missing sound. Sorry.

We said at the time that the person who designed that never had to rescue a broken show.


_data is a data Folder, not a data file. It’s a container for files.

I believe they stay AUP files until you Save a Project with the newer Audacity.

In any event, I would save all your older work as Permanent Archive and don’t go around “Cleaning Up” all those older show files.


Thanks I’ll definitely do that.

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