UI confusing in Dialog Box "Automatic Crash Recovery"


the dialog box for “Automatic Crash recovery” has a confusing dialog asking

Are you sure you want to discard the selected projects?

Choosing “Yes” permanently deletes the selected projects immediately.

with two buttons underneath with “Yes” and “No”.

I imagine button saying “Delete” and “Keep” would be much clearer.

I’ve illustrated some ideas for alternative buttons like this and added them to the screenshot.


Audacity 3.1.3 on macOS Monterey 12.2.1 (probably simlar in Windows and Linux though)

Are you sure you want to discard the selected projects? Yes / No”

That seems pretty clear to me.

Windows, macOS and Linux each provide a standard set of dialog buttons. WxWidgets (used by Audacity) is a GUI toolkit that provides access to those standard widgets, so that Audacity uses platform specific widgets. “Yes” and “No” are standard buttons on all three platforms, (though they look a bit different on Windows to macOS to Linux). I believe that it is possible to create custom dialog buttons, but creating a custom dialog button that looks like a Windows button on Windows, and looks like a macOS button on macOS, and looks like a GTK button on Linux with Gnome, and looks like a QT button on KDE, … but it is not trivial to do so - a lot of work for something that is already pretty clear.