Ubuntu karaoke plugin

I’m looking for karaoke plugin for ubuntu 12.04
to the vocalremover

usr->share->audacity-> path karaoke.ny file with the extension plug-ins

“karaoke.ny” where can i find ?

The vocal remover is vocalremover.ny which you will find in the Audacity plug-ins folder. On Linux, the “plug-ins” folder is in usr/share/audacity if you installed an Audacity package supplied by your distribution (Ubuntu), or usr/local/share/audacity if you compiled Audacity from source code.

Vocal remover already exists.
I’m looking for plug-in karaoke.ny

I’ve never heard of it.
What does it do?
How do you know that it exists?
How do you know that is the right file name?

OK, found it:
Karaoke.ny (1.53 KB)
Note that the interface is in German.
It is an early prototype (2005) for the Vocal Remover effect.

First of all, thank you for your help.

So what you need to do to distinguish the sound of music

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.