Ubuntu 16.04 Audacity 2.1.2

Sorry, I only now found dracconi had that mic. My mic is a cheap 10€ Labtec and jack type.
It has been working earlier many years also with Audacity. And it is functioning presently with Skype.

Might be that combination with Skype is causing some problem?
(Skype for Linux beta However Skype is usually not on or open at all except
on certain times.

All the sounds coming through the computer can be recorded without any problem but
the system does not recognise mic input with Audacity.

So the mic recording is still the problem.

This is the problem with tagging onto the end of someone else’s topic - the problem may seem similar, but usually the details are different, so very often the similarity is only superficial and the cause / solution can be totally different. This is why we generally prefer to have a new thread for each problem.

Skype is quite aggressive in how it handles the sound system and is well known for causing problem in other audio programs while it is running. Even when ‘dormant’ in the background it can cause problems.

Assuming that you are using Ubuntu 16.04, open the Sound Settings and look in the “Input” tab. Ensure that mic is enabled and that the meter is responding to your voice when you talk into the mic. Is that much working?

Yes the mic is working in all the other instances. However, any Audacity settings show no mic life and the meter is not responding.
Audacity working fine in-line.

Open “Help menu > Audio Device Info”, and when the info opens, click the “Save” button.
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I removed Skype. That was at least one solution as Audacity is working now also via mic.