UAP3 TO MP3 to upload into audition

I am new to this game for audio book auditions having trouble with uap3 conversion to mp3 tried different programs but each state it cannot do, any help i can get on this. I’ve read & tried some different solutions but still getting negative results

An AUP3 (Audacity project file), I assume?

You Save an Audacity project (which is optional).

File → Export to create a regular WAV or MP3, etc.

Note that MP3 is a lossy compression. Information is thrown-away to make a smaller file.

That doesn’t mean it’s “terrible” but if possible, if you want an MP3 you should create the MP3 as the LAST STEP and compress ONCE after editing.

When you open an MP3 in Audacity or Audition or any regular audio editor it gets decompressed. If you re-compress to MP3 some “damage” accumulates with each generation of lossy compression.

Export as WAV or FLAC if you’re going to work on it in Audition.

P.S. I think I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to use Adobe Audition… Another (non-free) audio editor.

Taking this a little differently. ACX Audiobook Publisher doesn’t have auditions any more. There is no producing a short sound file and have someone at ACX review it. They used to do that, but then the Pandemic happened and they found out people would submit whole books for publication and they closed the audition division.

There is an audio edit program called Adobe Audition. It’s available for a free trial. I believe they will open up many different sound files. Stay away from MP3. MP3 causes sound damage and you can’t stop it.

If you want to submit for evaluation, you can do it on the forum.