Two problems since getting Yeti mic. Skype and playback

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to ask these questions, I’m very new to this.

I’ve been doing a podcast for a couple of months and upon some recommendations got the blue yeti mic last week and used it for an episode and got good feedback. When I went to use it again today I’ve found two big issues I cannot fix.

1st I changed from MME to Wasapi because I was recording an interview on Skype. This has worked for me before but now it’s unusable because it sounds like the other persons audio is being recorded on my mic not directly into audacity which makes them about half my volume. I tried changing all the obvious settings and troubleshooted with the pc sound settings too. Nothing worked.

2nd I now can’t seem to have playback set as my laptop speakers. When I do it says record error or something. I can record if I set both record and playback to the yeti, but obviously I cannot listen to what I’ve recorded that way as they yeti isn’t a speaker. So I now have to manually change the playback after each bit I record to listen to it.

Neither of these things were happening before I got this mic and I’ve found nothing to fix either. Any ideas?

Nothing worked.

Unless there’s something magic about Linux setups, we don’t expect anything to work. We recommend special-purpose software, not Audacity, to record Skype interviews. There have been podcasters who performed multiple successful Skype interviews, but they are celebrity unicorns. Most people aren’t that lucky. Neither Audacity nor Skype Play Well With Others and they are usually poison to each other.

I did it with two computers and a small sound mixer.

The Skype machine is on the right and the Music Playback and Audacity Recorder is on the left. This is an early test. Denise and I are four time zones apart.

yeti isn’t a speaker.

Actually, it is. You can set the Yeti as Playback Device and plug your headphones into the bottom of the case. The volume control knob on the front will adjust volume.

A Linux elf will jump in, but on this one I suspect you have conflicts between different parts of the system.


May be salvageable using this LevelSpeech plugin for Audacity …

Well I’m learning already. Can play with speakers and headphones tonight and test that out.

The level speech looks interesting. Off to investigate I go.

As for the celebrity unicorns add me to the list cos I did 3 fine before this issue!

I did 3 fine before this issue!

How? You said it was before the Yeti.

There are “fake” ways to record both sides. Instead of using headphones, you listen to speakers and your local microphone is actually picking up the far side from your speakers, not the Skype data. I also expect the far side to have trouble hearing because they are listening to Skype’s weapons grade echo cancellation and noise reduction processing instead of a clean conversation in a quiet room. I suspect strongly that’s what most people think of as “Skype sound” or distortion. Denise’s voice didn’t sound funny. She sounded like she was sitting on the sofa behind me instead of 3000 miles away.

That multiple machine thing is how Pando Podcast does it.

If you count the machines, it’s two notebook personal reference machines, one Skype connection and one music playback and recorder.


I can’t guarantee it wasn’t picking up the speaker buT it certainly didn’t sound like we weren’t talking at the same level. So not sure all I know is now it’s not even close and not worth recording as it sounds rubbish.

You’re not a celebrity unicorn any more. Now you’re normal.


Moved to the Windows board. I don’t understand why this was posted in the GNU/Linux board.


Oh, Windows? We’ve been recommending the Pamela products to record Skype.

There are free products.