Two Audacities?

I get 2 project names:
Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 9.28.44 PM.png

Sorry, no. I’ve only been using Audacity since July.

I’m totally foxed by this - I’ve never see this double-header and I’ve had many versions of Audacity on many versions of macOS.


Very odd indeed.

Thinking about it, if my situation is so extremely unusual, shouldn’t re-installing Audacity take care of the problem? No one else seems to have this problem but we all are likely downloading from the same place. If this is a one-off deal then a new Audacity shouldn’t give me the same problem again, no?

If it’s something about your computer that is causing the issue, then reinstalling will make no difference.
Give it a go and let us know what happens.

You know, It’s working so well and I’ve put some time into making it exactly the way I want it, thanks to all the help I’ve received from this forum. I guess I can live two Audacities until someone figures out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Don’t you have to dump the config files too, to get a clean, new Audacity?

If it’s not too late. You can scramble your tools by clicking on the left-hand edge steering bar and pushing it around. In this instance, I pushed the playback bouncing sound meter from where it was (under the recording meter) as far up-left as I could.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 2.21.03 PM.png
Audacity has to know where the far up-left is for this to work. Does that work for you?


Yes, and that’s why I chose to hang on to what I have. All my tools are arranged to my liking, the components are all working together and the recordings I’m making sound great. I’ll live with it until someone finds the answer.

I’ll live with it until someone finds the answer.

And that’s the exact problem with having a unique, special condition.