Tutorial to convert an entire Flac album to mps?

I am on an imac running Montery how do I bach convert and entire album ? Thanks

You could start by importing one of your flac files. In Tools > Macro Manager, create a macro with the single line ExportMp3. Actually Audacity already comes with a Macro called “MP3 Conversion” which is illustrative. If this works when you apply it to your Project, then try again applying to Files.

Personally, I’d probably start with a google search of “convert an entire Flac album to mps?”

I’m a Windows guy but you can probably find a (free) conversion program.

I have a couple for Windows and once you set-up the output format and the destination it’s just drag, drop, and click and you can convert multiple files at a time.

Note that the metadata (“tags”) are slightly different in different formats and Audacity can’t copy-over the album artwork.

Max will do this for you.

Audacity seems tp forge ahead and do what you want it to do wether you know what you are doing or not. It was a simple import and export move that I needed to do. First step was to import all highlighted seperate flac files in an album and import. That brought each into Audacity. Next step was to export using multiple files from the drop down menu choice. I created a seperate folder to sent seperate tunes to so I would not confuse myself. The mutipile files choices turned everything into an AIFF file. Thanks for the help

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