Turntable's output plays as if a microphone, no software needed, which causes sound playing while recording vinyl anyway

Which I know one shouldn’t do, right, like turning off Software Playthrough. I’m normally a LinuxMint user but as of now hardware changes (unrelated to sound), I don’t have that issue there, in fact, I can only have sound from the turntable come out of the computer (well, the spdif cable from my sound card to my stereo, but without the stereo and through the desktop’s own sub + left/right columns) when Audacity is on with Software Playthrough enabled, I have no idea how to listen to a vinyl record through my desktop in Mint other than Audacity (thanks for that), but if I somehow disable the “Listen” box for the “USB PnP Microphone Array” which Windows 7 x64 Ultimate detects as. If the turntable is on and I put the needle on a track, looks like Audacity detects the sound and records it, but then the sound file sounds blank, while recording with the Listen box in the Properties tab of the usb turntable.

It’s a mid-high range quality USB AND Phono turntable (Pyle brand) (even red+white sound, which I tried but isn’t great). I lack a device to record from the Phono cord, I could get to change that, but that’s not really the issue here, I’m stuck in Win7 until this summer at least, how can I have the sound coming from the turntable down completely while Audacity still notices and records the file without giving me a silent file despite seeing the recording go on. Unfortunately booting in a live session of Linux isn’t an option, I got too many things to do to warrant a reboot. Ideas?

If you select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u] you should be able to record it independently of what you’re hearing from the computer speakers.

And, assuming you don’t have a USB microphone plugged-in the “USB Microphone Array” is your USB turntable.

looks like Audacity detects the sound and records it, but then the sound file sounds blank

If you see the blue waveform you are not getting a blank/silent recording. You should be able to play-back through Audacity or export to WAV (or MP3, etc.) and play back with Windows Media Player or any other player software. …But, make sure you are playing-back through your computer speakers because when you plug in a USB turntable or other USB audio device because sometimes Windows tries to play-back through the turntable, which of course doesn’t make any sound…

if I somehow disable the “Listen” box for the "USB PnP Microphone Array

With [u]Listen To This Device[/u] you should be able to hear the turntable without (Audacity or any other application) running.

If Windows finds the turntable, Audacity should find it too. Virtually all of these USB turntables are class compliant so they work with the Microsoft-supplied drivers and they are usually foolproof as long as nothing is broken.