Turning off Noise Reduction

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I am trying to record multiple tracks of me playing the same tune, however I suspect Audacity thinks what I am recording is the output from playing the first track during recording. This results in it reducing the of the second track to almost nothing. I have tried figuring out how to turn off any noise reduction (ensuring it wasn’t my microphone as best as possible), but the only ‘noise reduction’ I could find is for removing constant background noises after taking a sample.

Is it possible to tell Audacity to ignore any potential feedback, and just record what is being sent to it?

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Audacity just records what is being sent to it. Audacity does not apply effects in real-time.

Perhaps the effect is coming from Windows (see Windows sound enhancements: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#enhancements)

Thank you very much for the fats reply Steve.

I have disabled all effects from the microphone, as suggested by your link, but the problem continues. I have managed to record a 1st track on a separate Audacity Project with no problem, and copied it into the original project to give me the two equal tracks. However, trying to record a second track on either project results in it being reduced to nothing - regardless of me recording what is being played, or even a single long note.

I am trying to record multiple tracks of me playing the same tune

So you’re overdubbing. You want to listen to the first track to keep you in step while you’re recording the second track?

I can think of ways to make a voice cancel, but on all passes, not just the second one.

Audacity Noise Reduction is a two-pass oddball waltz and not something you can invoke by accident.

Set up with a first track clear and ready to go, but don’t make a second recording yet.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording: de-select everything > OK.

Now make the second recording. You won’t be able to hear anything except your live voice echoing in the room and the show will be a complete mess, I got that, but I’m interested in what happens to the second blue wave.

Is it suddenly OK and about the right size?