turn audio file to WAV file

Hi: I have a number of audio files on CD I need to turn in to WAV files. Didn’t find anywhere on FAQ how to do this. I think Audacity does it. And I hope in bulk rather than one file at a time? Thanks for any help
paul :slight_smile:

Do you mean tracks on an audio CD, or MP3 files on a data CD, or something else?

Regular audio CDs don’t have “computer formatted” files, so if you have regular audio CDs you need a [u]CD Ripping Application[/u]. Windows Media Player and iTunes can also do it. I use Exact Audio Copy or CUERipper. CUERipper is easier to set-up and use, but with some CDs I’ve had trouble with it.

If you want to make a WAV (or MP3) file from a song on a CD (or a big WAV file from the whole CD) you don’t need Audacity unless you need to edit the audio.

If you have a “data CD” with MP3s or other computer-formatted files, you should be able to open them directly with Audacity and export as WAV. Some compressed formats may require the optional FFmpeg import/export library. The basic Audacity installation can open MP3s, but you need the optional LAME MP3 encoder if you want to create an MP3.

Thanks for that. LOL. I have the sophistication to have made 11 albums in my own studio using multi track, but can’t figure this out. !! I know I can do it in my sophisticated multi tracking but only 1 song at a time. Anyway I went to Windows media player but could find no RIP command (I assume when I :Rip" I am turning the songs from CD into a WAV data file by ripping?). I then took CD out of laptop and placed back in to get the window that usually follows,. Instead of giving the usual window where I can choose to rip, it automatically started iTunes (I must have somehow allowed iTunes be be default). It is now ripping. YEA! Now…iTunes…I love when they pay me, but understanding iTunes is tough. LOL. Lets see if it allows me to actually place wav files in a folder and move the folder to my music software. NOPE. It has called it an unknown album. But how to I then place the wav files in a folder so I can import them into my software? Sorry for being ignorant about this and thanks
paul Adams

Personally I loathe iTunes, but that’s beside the point :wink:

There’s some information here about how to get files out of iTunes and into Audacity: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_how_to_import_files_from_itunes.html

Thanks for being so generous !! Learning allot. I am empowered!