Turn a vowel into another

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to say that this is my first post (wee!) and sorry if you notice any mistake in my writing, I’m spanish.

So, my question is: is there any possibility of changing a vowel sound into another? More specifically, I want to change the sound /a/ (like in bad) into /ɛ/ (like in bed). My intention is to change the lyrics in a song. I tried to just delete the syllable and copy a syllable with the sound /a/ from the same song, from another song and even recording my voice. However, the cut is noticeable. My hope is to achieve the desired vowel by adding some effects: that way the song will be remain as similar as possible (compared to adding the /a/ with a fragment from another file).
Any suggestion is very welcome! Thanks in advance!


if you notice any mistake in my writing, I’m spanish.

What are you if there are no mistakes?

Audacity doesn’t understand words, it just knows collections of sounds and waves and each word and letter inside the word is a complex collection of tones, overtones and harmonics. So each tone depends on the tones before and after and where you got the new letter from.

You can’t just cut and get the difference between N and Ñ, for example.

People who need to improve their announcing skills reading audiobooks would kill to be able to do this.


To alter a vowel, you need to install a “formant” plug-in for Audacity, like Rovee or Autotalent. See also the free but excellent “Tunefish4” synth that lets you shape sounds. Buena Suerte!