Trying to use Audacity to record Teams Meeting in Windows

hi all, my first post here. First the details:
Audacity Version - V2.4.2 (Portable)
OS - Windows 10 Enterprise, build 1809

What I want to do:
I’m trying to use Audacity Portable to record Microsoft Teams Meeting discussions.

I know there’s a record function in Teams, but it broadcasts that the session is being recorded. I do not wish to make known to my Teams attendees that I’m recording the meeting.

Reason I’m recording is only because I am slow and can’t get all the important details of the meeting while trying to scribe and listen at the same time… These recordings are purely for my future reference to capture details for my work.

My Issue:
I’m trying to record the conversation in Teams but I couldn’t get any audio input, but I could record my mic output. It must be a setting issue but not sure what it is.

What I’ve tried:
Windows Directsound
Windows WASAPI

On Audio selection, I tried with:
Microsoft Sound Mapper
Headphones (Realtek…)
Speakers (Realtek…)
Primary Sound Driver

and none of them worked. Any idea what I need to select to get this working?

I don’t use Team Viewer, but it is common for voip and similar apps to take exclusive control of the sound system, making it impossible to record with Audacity running on the same computer.

Depending on where you live in the world, that may be illegal.

This isn’t fun. People who want to make very high quality recordings of multi-location conferences frequently have each of the participants and locations record their own voices and then send the sound files to a central location for editing. As you found, recording your own voice worked pretty well, but not the far side.

There’s several technical limits, too. Audacity will only record from one thing. So even if you got insanely lucky, you might record either your microphone or the far side, but not both.

Conference voice quality is best when each of the participants is wearing headphones or earbuds, so that means you can’t record the room. And as above, that’s illegal in a lot of places. When I was doing this, there was someone on the conference whose job it is to take notes of the meeting. Can you get those notes?


It’s not Team Viewer. It’s Microsoft Teams. But they are probably similar apps that control the sound system…

It’s not a big conference, but its a small business meeting consisting of anywhere between 3-10 ppl. Unfortunately, the person who is supposed to take notes is me, and I’m also the guy who needs to actively listen in order to understand what’s going on, sometimes to give inputs. And I’m not good at being a notes taker and listener at same time.

I think the correct “technical” answer to your question is to use the record function that is built into Teams.

I have solved my issue by fixing mic and audio sound issue in TeamViewer on Windows 10 & Windows 11.