Trying to Sync 2 Logitech H390 usb headsets

I’m trying to get two H390 headsets going at the same tine. Is this possible? I’ve used the manual, but i can only seem to get one or the other to work at any given time. Help? Suggestions?

Normally, an application can only record from (or or play through) one “device” at a time.

However, Windows does have a playback mixer and you can [u]record everything you’re hearing through the speakers/headphones[/u].

Multi-track recording is normally done with a multi-channel audio interface, or you can use a mixer to mix several microphones down to stereo. But, these work with analog microphones.

I think [u]REAPER[/u] can be configured to record from multiple devices ($60 USD for home or small business use).

You picked a tuffy. What’s the job? Multi-player game commentary?
You missed a sentence: “And I need it to record Skype, too.”

I’ve been known to do that on multiple (modest) computers.


You can only do that though if you can get the USB mics to play through the speakers in the first place. “Listen to this device” might work for you if you are on Windows Vista or later - you should give your Audacity and Windows version if you want help. See Audacity Manual .

You may also be able to aggregate the two USB microphones using VoiceMeeter (donationware). See: .