Trying to record with Turtle Beach gaming headphones

For a school project I’m using Audacity to record narration. I own a pair of Turtle Beach Earforce X11 headphones with a mic made for in-game chatting. I’ve used the headphones before for online homework and they worked fine, but I can’t get them to work in Audacity. What am I missing?

It’s discontinued, but what instructions I could find tell me the system comes with separate headphone and microphone plugs. Put the microphone plug (pink??) into the MIC-IN of your soundcard.



  1. Verify your mic on the headset is running correctly. Do this by right clicking the sound icon on the bottom right of your screen, and select recording devices. From there, find your mic, right click on it, select properties. In one of the tabs, I think Advanced, you should be able to test your mic to verify that its actually picking up your voice, and you should hear your voice through your headphones/speakers when testing.

  2. If step 1 went well, then in audacity, all you need to do is set your recording device. In audacity, go to “Edit” at the top left, and select “Preferences”. From there, left click on “Devices” on the left side column. From there, you just need to select your mic(however it is named in windows i.e. turtle Beach Headphone Microphone) under Recording. Hope this helps.