Trying to record using a microphone on facebook messenger

Are there any setting in which I can record a podcast through facebook messenger calling. I’m trying to use a mic to clear up some of the background noise. Thanks

More words?

We can’t see what you’re trying to do, so jumping in like that can leave us befuddled.

I can guess at it. You’re trying to record both sides of a chat and the far side voice is very low volume and distorted. Did I hit it?

You should look for an app designed to record both sides. Audacity isn’t going to do anything for you.

There is one way without special apps. Both sides records their own voice in Audacity and the far side sends their high quality voice recording to you for editing. Quite a few people do that when they find out how hard it is to do any other way. Let us know if you decide to do that. There are some tricks to it.


Yes sorry you hit what I was asking. When recording with a mic I keep getting my voice but not the person or persons on the other end of the call.