Trying to record only from Microphone not PC sounds

So I have been struggling to figure out how to record only from my microphone and not have audacity record sounds from the PC at the same time. Example, if I have a youtube video playing, and I am recording, the YouTube video audio is recorded on top of my microphone recording. I have a Audio Technica AT2035 with a GoXLR. I have repeatedly set the audio settings to only record the microphone, and have disabled the stereo mix in recording devices. I also have reloaded audio devices repeatedly with transport. I am using the most recent version of Audacity that I just redownloaded yesterday 3.3.2

I am doing this for a sort of ridiculous reason but my kid wanted to hear her sing with a youtube song but only hear her voice and not the song playing, but wanted to have the song play in her earphones while she sings so she can remember the arrangement of the piece while she sings, like a monitor function. I have searched for hours trying to find a way to solve this, but every piece of information I find, and attempt, doesnt do anything. I can attach the Audio Device info if needed.

Select the USB device as your Recording Device. (And don’t choose “loopback”.)

I don’t know anything about the GoXLR but I assume you can also select it as your playback device for your backing track. And there may be a way for GoXLR to mix the microphone signal into the headphone mix (without the monitoring path going through the computer.)

Recording Multi-track overdubs

I solved the issue. If using the GoXLR, you need to configure the routing because that was the problem the entire time.

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