Trying to record audio sound card's stream


I would like to make a wave export (or at least lossless) of the audio stream directly from my sound card.
In fact, the idea is to export a song played by Guitar Pro - version 5.2 - so I can have some opinions of people who do not have the software.

I know there’s an “export wave” function on GP5, but I could never manage to use it despite a lot of attempts, and that for over 5 years! :open_mouth:

With Guitar Pro 6, wave export does work with no problem, but I think the distortion guitars sound much better on the v5.2 when you take the time to work enough on it.

So, it may be easier to go through Audacity and record sound directly from my sound card. But again, I’ve already searched on the Internet to find a way but still fails. :frowning:

I use an external sound card, M-Audio Fast Track USB as follows:

And I’m running Windows 7 x64 SP1.

Thanks for the help you might give me. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

ps: I’m French so I first sent my message in the French part of the forum.

If you have tried to set your audio card through this tutorial, yet are not able to find the “stereo mix” option for your M-audio audio interface(just like I was not able to find it for my Lambda Lexicon-Pro USB audio interface), you will have to use the native audio card interface for such option(mine is a Realtek on my HP PC).

Hi. first of all, thanks for the answer.

Mmmm, just as I expected. I think I’ve deleted the Realtek driver when I installed the Fast Track. I didn’t want them to cause interferences with each other.

So, I will have to reinstall it, and go back to the old system. Not gonna be very easy for me. I settled Guitar Pro and Foobar2000 with the Fast Track sound card.
Top of that, I remember having desabled the Realtek in the bios.

I’m not very used to that kind of tuning.
But if it can resolve my problem, then let’s get the hands dirty!

I will try that very soon, and let you know about the progress.
Thank you Gasto.
Hope my English is correct and understandable enough for you.

You are welcome.

I have no issues having both drivers installed. Generally, in any audio application, the audio interface is chosen from the options available. I might make a video tutorial about it.

I finally made it! I almost wanted to quit, but today I did manage to go through it, by reinstalling the Realtelk HD driver & activate the sound device on the bios.

Thank you for the help.

Sometimes all one needs is a bit of patience and manual reading.

Yep, I can only agree. But you know, just like many people, patience has never been one of my virtues… =/