trying to make karaoke/get music files to sync up

So I wanted to make a couple custom background vocal tracks which come from the website karaoke version.

The song has a music track, and five sets of vocals.

In order to get the music to sync up properly with the lyric/graphic file i need to add 09.108 seconds of silence at the beginning.

so if i import all of the files into audacity one at a time, and then press play the files will play EXACTLY as they are supposed to

When I try to add the silence tho, the music becomes out of sync with the vocals.

So then I tried to add the required amount of silence to each file separately and then import into audacity. All five vocal files synced up perfectly, but the music is still out of sync with the rest.

anyone have a sugestion?


If the tracks are all at the same tempo, then the easiest way to synchronise them is to adjust their position with the Time Shift tool.

If the tracks play at different speeds then it is more tricky as you will need to adjust the speed so that the tracks not only start in sync, but remains in sync.
You also need to consider the pitch. If one track is plays at a higher or lower pitch than others, you will need to adjust the pitch so that it matched.
If either of these situations are the case, see these three effects: