Trying to get playback through headphones

Aloha, I am currently using Audacity on my Mac, and recording with a Blue Yeti microphone. I have the Yeti plugged into the mac and headphones plugged into the Yeti. I am trying to figure out how to get the playback from recordings to come in through my headphones instead of the computer speakers. Can anyone possibly help me find a solution to this problem? Is there a solution? Thanks and Thanks!

  • Levity

How’s it?

I’ve never known a Yeti to do this, but I don’t see why not. Plug the Yeti in and then start Audacity a bit later. Look at the Audacity Device Toolbar…

…and pick the Yeti as the playback (little speaker) device. It doesn’t have to say “Yeti.” It could say something like “USB Sound Device,” or “Audio Codec” or something like that.

Select it and from then on, Audacity playback should go to the Yeti. Mac playback may not.

It’s possible the Yeti does not support that. Some microphones don’t and there’s no promotion or instruction that will confirm that one way or another. That’s what makes overdubbing so darn much fun.

I know the Samson G-Track will do this because I was holding one in my hand when I got it to work.

Let us know where you get stuck if you do.


Plug in your headphones, start recording, and you’ll be able to hear everything you need — no other gear necessary.

I think that’s as close as they get to saying what you want should work.