Trying to get 3 mics to record separate on mixer

So I am trying to record a podcast with 3 mics on my Behringer 1204usb and i was wondering how separate each track so that i can edit each one individually?

That mixer has 8 input channels (4 mono + 2 stereo), but the USB digital out is stereo (2 channels). Using this mixer as an audio interface allows you to record a stereo mix of the input channels. It does not support recording more than 2 channels at a time.

There are lots of multi-channel audio interfaces, and some higher-end mixers can also double as multi-channel interfaces.

It’s sometimes helpful to have a mixer for monitoring and you could get some mic-splitters can connect your existing mixer and interface at the same time.

But… Audacity doesn’t seem to be great at multi-tracking (I’ve never tried it) and you might have to upgrade to a full multi-tracking DAW application. (Often an audio interface will come with a “lite” version of a DAW.)

I’ve used Audacity quite extensively for recording multiple tracks simultaneously. *It works fine provided that multichannel audio drivers are available.

The problem is that often (particularly on Windows), multi-channel drivers are not available (Windows tends to rely on 3rd party ASIO drivers for multi-channel support, and Audacity cannot be distributed with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions).

(* My experience with multi-channel recording in Audacity has been with Audacity 2.4.2 as later versions on Linux have been too buggy for serious work)

Describe the show. Are you three people speaking around a breakfast table? You can’t individually edit each person. Each voice will leak into the others.


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