Trying to figure out how to record audio playing through my headphones as well as my mic at the same time.

Hey everyone,

So I have to record some interviews for a college assignment, and learned via another class that Zoom sucks for bandwidth and recording quality.

I read somewhere Audacity has the ability to be able to record both at the same time, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. This is also the first time using audacity (3.1.3) and I sadly am running out of time. I was supposed to be interviewing someone by now!!!

Is there any way to record both from one thing? like I’m using Discord to call them, and although they have a bot that does what I’m looking for, it’s only for channels and calling in there, not one on one “phone calls.”

I am using Windows 10 Audacity version 3.1.3 help is needed!! I was supposed to be interviewing them by now!!

virtual mixer, e.g. voicemeter banana

Try that before you line up a critical interview. Chat applications do not like sharing their sound services and they’re vicious about it.

Post back if it works reliably.

Just because the services are so easy to use, everybody assumes it’s should be possible to just push a couple of buttons and record a podcast. Maybe not.

Zoom sucks for bandwidth and recording quality.

There may be some tricks to that. I’ve been recommending server recording in place of trying to do it yourself. Zoom will provide you with two different sound files, you and the guest. Do not use Hand’s Free. If both parties are in a quiet, echo-free room and are wearing headphones, you can get a remarkably good recording. If both parties are yelling at their phone or computer on the desk in an office, you’re going to capture all the echo cancellation, direction management, volume corrections, and distortion.

You can make it worse. I heard an interview with someone on the street running for a bus. That was pretty dreadful.

I used the broadcast method with two computers and a small sound mixer. And headphones.


Not kidding. Post back if you get this to work … and more than once.