Trying to emulate radio station's edit

Hi guys!

I was wondering if I anyone could help me - there are two songs which I believe sound much better when played on my favourite station which have been edited and processed. My problem is that I can’t work out what exactly was done and what effects were used. I know that in both songs the speed and tempo have been changed and I know how to do that on Audacity, however there are some other changes that I just can’t put my finger on.

I have attached four songs on a Dropbox link - both songs in their original state along with the radio station’s edits. I would really appreciate if anyone could listen to the songs and tell me if they know what effects have been used so that I can try to emulate them.

Thank you.
carryoutkyle :slight_smile:

The stereo-image has been altered.

Xfer’s* Dimension expander plugin is a simple free way to do that in Audacity on Windows (& Mac ?)

[ * Grab their free OTT plugin while you’re there ].

Hi Trebor,

Thanks for your help, I tried it and it does sound better.

Although, in the case of ‘The Power’, have you noticed that the instrumental and beat in the radio station’s version seem to have more ‘ooomph’ (I know that’s not the most accurate way to describe it! :laughing: ) ? I was trying to also emulate that. I don’t know if it’s bass because when I tried to change that it became distorted.


You want ‘ooomph’ try Xfer’s OTT …
or KSHMR essentials (free version) …

Hi Trebor,

Thanks, it will take some trial and error to achieve it but I’m getting there!

Do you have any tips for which settings are best for what I am trying to achieve? I’m a little confused as both plugins have different settings e.g. Sub, Mid, Air, Trans etc. for KSHMR, and Depth, Time, In Gain, Out Gain, Upward, Downward for OTT.


Unlike many native Audacity effects,
you can adjust OTT/KSHMR while the audio is playing and listen to the consequences of the changes.

The name of some of the KSHMR controls are cryptic …
KSHMR sub = sub-bass (<100Hz).
KSHMR Mid = bass , 100 = null.
KSHMR Trans = transient = punch.
KSHMR pressure = multiband compression.
KSHMR comp = single band compression (if you want pumping bass).

OTT’s depth is the amount of compression, (IMO don’t go above 50%).
OTT in Audcaity (real-time).gif
A side-effect of compression (OTT/KSHMR) is that it reduces the stereo width,
so you may have to use dimension-expander afterwards to compensate.
[Alternatively KSHMR has a (stereo) width control which can widen if >100].

There is a hint of slow flanging on “Snap - The Power Kisstory Edit.mp3”.
If you want that see…

I’m getting there, thanks for your help Trebor!