Trying to do Bane impression, need help with voice effect

I’m relatively new to Audacity, and I’m trying to do a Bane impression but I have no idea how to get that Darth Vader like filter from the movie. I can do a fine impression on my own, I just need the filter because that’s impossible to emulate on my own. Any help would be appreciated.

note: I’ve read the other two threads and google searched to no avail, just so no one assumes otherwise.

Try your best Darth Vader with your own voice and Effect > Change Pitch and go down one or two notes.

Software can’t act, so you’re never going to get that evil swing and menacing emphasis to the words unless you act it.


The Bane voice has little bass and a resonant quality: like speaking into an empty glass …
Bane-ish equalization - cut bass and resonant peaks at 500, 1500 and 2500Hz.png
A comb filter with a frequency of 1000Hz will produce a somewhat similar effect, but won’t cut the bass, you’ll have to do that separately.
comb filter setting - like talking into an empty pint glass.png

Like I said, I’m relatively (very) new to this, I can’t do any of the fancy stuff. How do I get this to where I want it to?

The comb filter is great, by the way

@kozikowski I stated in no uncertain terms that I can do the impression aside from the mask stuff.

See here for how to draw equalization curves …

[ “bass” frequencies are everything below 200Hz ]