Trying to copy recordings on Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Thanks for your help! I am very green :confused: at this whole concept…

I am using Windows 7 Pro
I have downloaded Audacity 2.0.2.
I am trying to copy and transfer recordings on an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-7200 to my desktop computer.
I purchased Olympus KA 333 which I understood would allow me to accomplish this task.

On the top of the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-7200 are plugs for Mic and Ear. I have a plug in the back of my computer with a music note over it. I have tried plugging in the Mic and the Ear plugs using the plug with the music note over it.

Nothing happens - what am I doing wrong. Plus . . . I don’t understand what setting(s) I am to use on the Audacity Device Toolbar.

Thanks . . .

I have a plug in the back of my computer with a music note over it.

That’s a new variation. If you have other connections, how are they labeled? What kind of computer is it?

That cable should work. Connect the device headphone connection to the Mic-In of your computer. Most Windows laptops only have a pink Mic-In – there is no option.

Desktops do have options and you have to get the right one.


I have a desktop HP Compaq 6000 Pro Small Form Factor? Unfortunately, I do not see a Mic-In plug!!! Argh!!

Thank you for responding…

I did find the Mic-in on my desktop. I plugged the cable from the Ear plug in the digital recorder to the mic-in on the desktop. I am getting this error now: “Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.”

I looked on the Olympus web site but there is no VN-7200 listed.
Many of the other models (VN-6200, VN-5200, VN-3200 …) can be connected to the computer via USB, allowing the recordings to be copied over to the computer without needing to “record” them off the Olympus.
If you have the instructions for your VN-7200 it would be worth checking to see if this can be done as it will be quicker, easier and better quality than re-recording.

Thanks, Steve. However, the manual for the VN-7200 is of no help. I “wish” there was an easy and quicker way. I appreciate your input.

I found this by Googling:
Unfortunately, this device does not have a PC interface.