Trying to amplify background guitar.

Hello everyone,

I have this song that I really like but I feel it would be a lot better with the background guitar in certain parts emphasized. I have no idea how to do it though. I’ve tried all the effects and some of the equalizing options but still nothing seems to come close to the desired effect.

I tried to attach the song and also the part where the guitar kicks in but the song alone is about 5MB, so I’m attaching the part intended and I hope you can make out what I mean.

Thanks in advance and no worries if it’s semi-impossible, I’ll just have to hunt down the artist and get the uncompiled track from him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used the envelope tool to make the guitar at the end louder, (but it makes the strings which are playing at the same time louder too) …

[BTW I bet autotune has been used on the singer ]

Thanks for taking the time to reply and work on my little audio bit there. I like what you did. However, the guitar at the end isn’t what I had in mind, it’s pretty clear already, the other one is the one that’s pissing me off, it’s hidden behind lots of sounds, and while I like them, I like the guitar better. :frowning:

And yeah he probably is using effects to enhance his voice, he started off as a sound engineer then went into singing and writing music. Good guess there. :slight_smile:

It’s not semi-impossible.

You can’t take apart a mixed performance into individual instruments. There are digital celebrities where this can work, but they tend to be performances where the instrument you want is playing by itself, or is playing in the exact center of an uncompressed stereo performance and no other instrument is in the center.

Lots of requests for a tool that will do that.


I note the original has a sharp cut off at 14KHz: it’s missing high frequency 14-20KHz range.
I’ve had a second go and done everthing I can* to increase the high frquency content …

[* maybe too much}