Trying to add lame MP3 encoder.

I tryed to install lame MP3 encoder yesterday to windows 8, went to your site & my computer picked up a bunch of adware. I’ve removed the junk and would like to know where I can go to get lame MP3 encoder without the junk. Any ideas please let me know, Thanks

Next time that happens, post with details about what you did and where you did it. If there is something broken, we need to know what to fix.

Start with the overall Windows download page:
Scroll down to Lame MP3 Encoder.
Click on the link right next to the Windows paragraph header.

On my machine, that sends me to a segment of a web page the bottom of which has the software (Attach).
If your browser goes to the top of that page, you could get stuck with all manner of other links and products.

Since we’re a penniless organization, we depend on the kindness of strangers to host the work.

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