Truncation of audio recordings

When I create a multiple track audio podcast and want to eliminate the long periods of silence do I need to use truncation feature in audacity on individual tracks or is it ok to select all and then truncate?

After 10 podcast of manually going thru recordings and deleting silent areas found video on truncation. Podcast work on now sounds so much better doesn’t sound like I am speed reading my script.

I think you’d have to mix-down the multi-track project into a (new) single track,
then apply truncate silence to that single track. (Otherwise the the tracks would probably go out-of-sync).

You can apply Truncate Silence to all tracks (“Ctrl + A” to select All tracks, then apply the effect), but note that if the “Truncate tracks independently” checkbox is selected, then the tracks are likely to go out of synch (the issue that Trebor warned about).

When “Truncate tracks independently” is NOT selected, then only silence that is common to all selected tracks will be truncated. This will keep the tracks in synch with each other.

For more info, see: