Truncating silence

I am using Audacity 3.4.2 on a windows 10 pc

I need to truncate silence in a portion of a document but not all of it. For example, I need to truncate all silence between .25 seconds and one second by 50% leaving silence below .25 seconds and above one second unaffected.

This was possible with an older version of audacity but is not available or perhaps has been moved and I cannot find it now. As a result, I must split the audio and apply to each section which is very time consuming.

Can some help me with how to do this in the current version?


PS: If not available, can it be added back?

Is it just a long period of silence that you want to make shorten…
you say between 0.25 and 1.0 that is length of 0.75 seconds and you want shorten by 50% so that is cut out 0.375 seconds. So start point is 0.25 secs and end point is at 0.625 secs.
Open sound file in Audacity, Zoom until you can easily see the part 0.25 to 0.625 on screen. drag over this portion with mouse to highlight it and hit delete. and ithat portion will be deleted and the portion from 0.625 to end of file will move up to 0.25 so your file will be continuous. .
The above will work if you have only one mono track or 1 stereo track. I f you have more than one it may move out of sync with other tracks. You can try it out after editing before saving to see how it sounds and dont save changes except it is OK… and better still tak a bacup copy of your sound file before you start.

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