Truncate Silence into an application


First of all congratulations for the Forum. It is wonderful to have such huge amount of knowledge in the same place.

I am not a programmer but I have some clients with a necessity and I would like your support on this.

My necessity is regarding the truncate silence functionality. I would like to build a simple application which users could drag and drop many audio files and this application should truncate the silence. Ths user should use only this functionality.

I imagine that this is programmable.


I imagine that this is programmable.

Anything is programmable.

The problem with this and many other of the effects and filters is the variables. Unless you’re in a studio environment, your producers are going to have work that varies greatly in volume, quality, and noise. You could have a submission of low volume and the tool would be convinced everything is silence and deletes it all. Ask me how I know that.

And even if all your moons and stars line up, Truncate Silence may still not give you the results you need consistently.

But all that pales in the face of manpower shortage. Audacity is not a corporation. It’s four guys in a rusty Winnebago at Lands End trying to keep the recent 2.1.3 upgrade afloat and set the stage for the major upgrade to 2.2.0.

Maybe one of the other elves can help you find a developer… I’m a production dude, You’re kind of out of my world.