Truncate Silence Found Under Effect

I record and edit a Podcast each week using Audacity. Recently I saw info on using “Truncate Silence” if you have a podcast that you want to condense because it has a lot of “silent time” on the track because of the way it was recorded (without any stopping or pausing). I selected the entire track recording and utilized “Truncate Silence” which saved me much time in editing out all the times of no talking throughout the recording. This definitely helped to tighten things up, also. However, in reviewing the podcast recording before sending it out I have noticed, at times, that there are words at the end of some sentences where the last syllable gets cut off where you cannot hear the entire word. I am not sure how to change the settings on the “Truncate Silence Effect” to allow this not to happen. Any coaching or sharing of information would be greatly received. Thank you.


You may need to lower the “Threshold” setting.
(-20 dB is highest, -80 dB is lowest)

If you set it too low, then background noise will be seen as “not silent” and so will not be truncated.
This may also be helpful:

Thanks much Steve. I will lower it very gradually so I can keep the sound as close to the original as possible. Appreciate your guidance.