Truncate Silence, but it trims the head and tail of an audio clip

I wanted to know if an option to truncate silence could be included to just trim the silence from the head and tail of an audio clip based on the detect silence threshold setting.

I deal with a lot of single audio files from work that I need to process where removing the silence from the beginning and the end of the audio files would speed up my workflow exponentially.

I also need it to not touch any silence in the audio file outside of the beginning and the end because of timing reasons and I would of course need to macro it since I process hundreds if not thousands of audio files in any given day.

I have a very old audio program that does this already, BUT it is super old and I don’t think the program itself will work in the future because it’s unsupported now, so I’m looking for alternatives.

Try the “Trim Silence” plug-in:

Thank you that’s exactly what I was looking for!