Trouble with new WordPress site

I’ve founded my own website, a sports audio-blog ( Problem is I can’t figure out how to get around WordPress’ 8Meg media file limit. I don’t really want to split my shows into three parts as they average about 25mins.

Of the podcasting/media player plugins I’ve found, it seems like I almost have to sign up for another service elsewhere (in my particular case Blubrry) to “store” my podcasts on to be able to throw them on my site. This makes me mad because I paid for registration for my own site with the most storage for the sole reason of these podcasts. But it appears if I go through Blubrry I have to shell out another $12/yr just to store my podcasts on their cloud.

Any idea how to circumvent such a thing and upload straight to my wordpress site?

This question really has nothing to do with Audacity. You might do better to ask on a Wordpress forum or ask your hosting provider.

yea I know it was borderline. Just figured there might be enough podcasters out there on this site. Actually wasn’t going to do it originally, but the site I was on last nigh said “the guys over at the audacticy forum said…” on their FAQ page about a different question. Thought it was worth a shot.

That’s misleading. What happens is we get tons of people trying to do podcasts with specific (and some not so specific) questions and we try to guide hither and yon as needed. I don’t think any of us actually has a podcast of any sort. I’m the closest with my own web site… and I maintain fixed IP numbers in the unlikely event I want to host my own server. There’s a server in the back of the closet I never got to work right.

Having my own web site with an effectively unlimited top end means I could post large videos and sound shows there and merely point to them on my blog – if I had a blog.


There are thousands of hosting companies, many of them have packages that are suitable for podcasters. Prices, conditions and the quality of service vary so you need to find one that suits your needs. For starting off I’d suggest looking for a free service (they do exist, but usually have either advertising and/or social networking conditions to “pay” for the “free” service). For a more established podcast where you want a more “professional” service, it’s a big market place so you will need to do some searching to find one that meets your needs.

As this now looks like an open invitation for spammers to advertise hosting companies, I apologies for any inconvenience but I am locking this topic.

Look here - for example Google Blogger with the files stored on .