Trouble with LAME v.3.99.3 Installation

I downloaded the LAME v.3.99.3 from the link When it started to install it only went a short way and then flashed to finish. It isn’t completed and doesn’t work, Any answers on how to fix this would be appreciated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times with the same results.

Perhaps the LAME installer download was corrupted somehow.

Remove the download from the list in your browser or download manager and try downloading the installer again.

On there is also a LAME 3.98.2 ZIP option directly underneath the 3.99.3 installer.


Thanks for the help,I removed my cookies and history and cache, and downloaded the Audacity link once again. When I tried to open it in Audacity, it told me to download the file raw. I am a total newbie to this and I need help getting it to work.Any help would be appreciated.

You will need to follow the instructions: please click this link: .

That is, run the EXE installer or extract the files from the zip. Don’t open lame_enc.dll anywhere except in Audacity’s Libraries Preferences (after having run the installer or extracted the files from the zip).


I have tried all of the suggestions that you gave me and the LAME v3.99.3 file will not fully install. It goes about 1/3 of the way to installing and it abruptly stops. I am a newbie and I am lost. Can You offer any other helpful advice on this problem?

Be aware that you must be an administrator to install programs. Try right-click over the LAME installer and choose “Run as administrator”. You will have to give the admin password if asked.

Using the installer is the simplest solution as you don’t then have to configure the Libraries Preferences in Audacity.

Otherwise you could try the zip file instead. When you have download the zip file, right-click over it and choose “Extract All…”. You can extract to any folder you like, then use the Libraries Preferences in Audacity to tell Audacity where lame_enc.dll is. If you are logged in as administrator, you could press “Browse…” in the extract dialogue, navigate to the folder that Audacity is installed in, click to select it, then click OK. If you do that then you won’t have to use the Libraries Preferences in Audacity.