Trouble with crackling Audio after Using Kerovee

Heya, I’m working on making a YouTube channel and I hate how feminine and high my voice is. I’ve tried YouTube before and my voice was the biggest reason I stopped uploading after only 2 videos. I’m trying again but this time I don’t want my voice to get in the way. It took me ages to find a way to properly change my voice without it sounding like it had just been pitch changed, Kerovee gives me the voice I always wanted, the one I hear in my head, when I heard it I no joke almost cried. Only problem is that after the mods the audio quality stinks. It sounds crackly like I recorded on a horrible mic. My mic isn’t top notch but it isn’t THAT bad. The audio I start with is pretty passable even just using my comp’s on-board mic but after the Kerovee mods it just sucks.

I don’t know how to include an example so if you’d like me to give one (which I’m guessing you do?) Please tell me how ^-^'. Especially after hearing the voice I really really want to use it, my voice is really a deal breaker for making videos and I really need a job, YouTube is one of the very few options I have in my situation so I very much want to give it a shot and make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’d owe you big time!

Thank you~

Also, oops, forgot to include version details and I can find an edit post button so: Audacity 2.1.0, Windows 10 ver 1903. My tests are using the built-in mic on my MSI laptop GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro.

Rovee & Kerovee are inherently gritty/croaky.
The pitch-shift on Grallion2* plugin is smoother.

[ * the free version is sufficient to autotune & pitch-shift ]

How do I install it? I downloaded the one for windows and followed the instructions but I can’t find it in Audacity. Is it an Audacity plug-in?

Just install the VST version of Grallion2 plugin, (not “VST3” version),
then you have to enable the plugin before it appears in the Audacity effects list, via the plugin manager, see …
https ://
( same as you did with the KeroVee plugin)