Trouble recording vinyl with Arcam amp

I’ve lost my mojo, trying to use v3.4 to record vinyl. I’ve recorded before with earlier versions of Audacity. But I can’t find the directions for my setup I saved multiple years ago. Best I can do is describe what I’m working with.

The amp (Arcam Alpha 7R) inputs include Phono. There’s also a tape input. Outputs include Tape Record Out (accompanied by Tape Play In). Tape Record Out is connected to a Windows 10 Line In. The amp has a button labelled Tape which I believe toggles output from speakers to Record Out for all inputs.

I’ve diddled with the options in Audacity’s Audio Setup but not found the magic that sees vinyl being played. Guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Do you actually have line-in (blue on a soundcard).

Did you select line-in as your Recording Device?

I am back on the air. With apologies, I’d neglected to say that I was remoting into the PC that had a sound card. Turns out the remote audio configuration was not properly set. It must be “Play on remote computer”.

Many thanks, though, for the rapid response to my question. Another reason to like Audacity.

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