Trouble opening MP3 file into Audacity to edit it

I’m a longtime user having trouble for first time. I installed updated version 2,0.2, using exe. I use Windows 7

I record calls on skype using Callburner…when I try to use the usual function of “opening” the resulting MP3 file, no wave form appears. Others on my team have been able to successfully open the same MP3 file using Audacity on their computer. So the MP3 seems ok. So why can’t I open/import the MP3 file of recorded phone call? Thanks!

Are you sure it’s MP3? Can you play the file in Windows Media player? Audacity uses the Microsoft supplied MP3 decoder to open MP3s, and normally that “just works”.

If it’s a different format, you might need the optional FFMPEG library from [u]this page[/u].

In order to save (export) in MP3 fromat, you need the optional LAME encoder.

Recording is in MP3 format and I can listen to it via Windows Media Player.

MP3s must be “Imported”.
File menu > Import > Audio

Yes, I’ve tried that method repeatedly, no luck…It shows the file loading, but then all that displays is a flatline and can’t hear any audio…again, never had this problem before until this week.

Try it with a different MP3, one that you know is good, just in case there is something odd about that particular file.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not able to open any MP3 files thru importing them to Audacity or opening them thru Audacity. My most recent MP3 file was opened successfully via Audacity by a co-worker on another computer with no trouble at all. I appreciate any further insights you have. Thanks.

Do you get the blue waves but just can’t hear it?

No waves show up at all. flat line.

Questions: Could malware be an issue? I did a scan and nothing showed up…also, should I try converting MP3 to another format before importing? If so, what conversion program should I use? Any other ideas? thanks!

Can you import this file?

I downloaded chirp file, but could not import it…I I got was a flat line, no wave form. Other advice?

Try this as a test:

  1. Open Audacity
  2. File menu > Save Project As… and save the (empty) project.

Now try importing the chirp.mp3 file.