Trouble not having stereo channel capability, only mono


I recorded my main audio book in stereo at a studio and want to re-record the intro and outro through audacity. Upon recording, it does not give me the ability to selected stereo channel. I only have the mono option.

Is there any way to remedy this?

Unless your microphone is stereo, there’s no point recording in stereo:
it will be dual-mono, where both tracks are absolutely identical, same as mono.

Odds-are your audio-book studio-recording will be (dual) mono too.

There are free tools which show the stereo-image, (i.e. reveal if it is stereo or dual mono) …
Voxengo MSED - Mid-Side Encoder-Decoder Plugin VST, AU, AAX , ,
Phase Meter for Audacity? - #9 by Trebor

If you split to mono, then invert one track, and there is complete silence on playback, then it was dual-mono, (total destructive interference)

Are you on Windows? Both Windows and Audacity have to set for stereo. How do I record in stereo?

Note that a (normal) single mic or single voice/instrument is mono. Stereo normally requires separate left & right microphones (or a stereo mic) and different sounds on the left & right.

You can make a “dual mono” file with the same thing in left & right (“mono” CDs always have two identical channels) but a true-mono file will play through both speakers. There’s no advantage to dual-mono. It just makes the file twice the size (if uncompressed).

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