Trouble keeping specific RMS and dbs max peaks

So they asked me to export an audio file on stereo, keeping a max of 4dbs and 20 rms.
But when I change the rms the dbs change and the other way around.
For example, when I leave the rms at 20 the max dbs is -1.09 and when I let the max dbs the rms change to -22.1461
Is there a way to keep them both at the specific level that I need?

Thanks in advance.

I assume they mean -4dB. Most formats don’t go over 0dB and DACs don’t go over 0dB so 0dB should be considered the “digital maximum”.

Right. Any linear volume adjustment changes the peaks, RMS, and LUFS by the same amount. The difference is constant.

If you set the RMS level first, you can run the Limiter effect to bring-down the peaks, with very little effect on the RMS level.

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Thank you so much! It worked wonders