Trouble installing FFmpeg

I (apparently like others) am having problems getting Audacity to recognize the FFmpeg dlls. I have tried installing them in the installer-default \program files\FFmpeg For Audacity folder, in the \program files(x86)\FFmpeg For Audacity folder, and in \program files(x86)\Audacity\plugins\ffmpeg. In all cases Audacity doesn’t find them. Again in all cases when I go to edit > preferences > libraries > locate and browse to the location, it is looking for files of type: Only avformat.dll, there is no such type because the filename is avformat-55.dll. When I set files of type to all and select that file and click OK, nothing happens.

So it still says it can’t find the files, but there they are. What am I doing wrong?

What version of Audacity? …The newer 64-bit version requires a different FFmpeg and it gets installed into a different location.

I just downloaded 3.0.4. today 9/17/21 Audacity wants to know where the avformat-55.dll is at so I went to Preferences Libraries hit the Locate button typed in where it’s at and it still says not found, when I close the program and reopen Audacity go back to the Libraries hit it says "Audacity needs the file “avformat-55dll to import and export audio” while at the same time in the box supplied from the locate button it says this “C:\Program Files\Audacity\avformat-55.dll” Which is exactly where the file is? I have attached a screen shot of Audacity showing me it knows where the file is while asking me where the file is??? WTH is up with that!!!
Screenshot 2021-09-17 224739.jpg

If you have updated from Audacity 2.x to (64-bit) Audacity 3.0.4, you will need to uninstall “FFmpeg for Audacity” and install the 64-bit version.