Trouble getting signal

Hi Everyone,

It seems that after updating to 3.4.2 I can’t get any signal in the level monitor. The only choice it shows is Silent Monitoring - not sure what that even is. I tried with the built in mic and the Scarlett 2i2. My setup shows Core Audio and the Scarlett (when using) shows up in the recording device menu. Still, no signal in the monitor or recording.

Any ideas? I’m on a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro running 14.1.1

Try Transport (menu) > Transport Options > Enable audible input monitoring (check)

Hi I am having the same issue using WIN 10 Audacity 3.4.5 tried this option but still can’t hear my input playthough.

Same here, it didn’t fix the issue. If I use the Scarlett or built in, I can record in Quicktime so sound is getting to that app, just not showing up in Audacity.

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