Trouble adjusting for latency

I am having trouble adjusting the latency for music project using Punch and Roll. I see two counters where it says Selection at the bottom of the screen, but neither of the those values turn out to be right when I enter it in the Audio Settings. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

-G. Weiser

Are you referring to these instructions? Latency Test - Audacity Manual

I’ve read that. I can’t get the two click tracks to line up. I was taking the number from the lower of the two selection counters. If that was incorrect, then what is the right way to do this?

I believe the instructions say: “You can now read the latency directly from the second panel of numbers. In this case it is 0.096 seconds, or 96 milliseconds.”

So what is your “latency”?

And what value do you get when you "Check… the result"s ?

Note: “You will never get it absolutely perfect.”

Does it make a difference if you switch between WASAPI and MME?

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