Tring to change Sample Rate without altering pitch

Hi Im, actually using soundforge, but I know many of you use that too. (you can spot reading if I’ve made you mad)

I have a bunch of music Mp3s that are now at 32.000 Sample rate. I need to change the sample rate to the CD standard 44.100. When I do this, the pitch goes up a third and the track plays faster. HOW can I keep the original pitch and playback time that the tracks were recorded at but change the sample rate to 44.100?
Ive tried everything in the dialog box for 'resample" nothing solved so far.

In Audacity, change the Sample Rate in the lower-left to 44,100. I don’t know anything about Soundforge.

Here it is in Audacity …

Using “Tracks menu > Resample” will change the sample rate of the track.

The exported file will be at whatever sample rate is currently set as the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window). The Project rate determines the sample rate of the exported file(s) regardless of the track’s sample rate.