Trimming audio and exporting to wav file

Hi all! I am new to this, just downloaded Audacity yesterday. I have been following instructions of the Manual, and watched some tutorials. Mi issue is the following: I trimmed an audio (which in total is 2m31 sec) for duration 9.9 seconds, exported it to wav file and saved it in my computer, so far so good. I went back to trim the next 9.9 seconds of the same track, did it, exported it and saved it. In my computer, when I went to check the duration of that second trim I saw it was 19 seconds, instead of the 9.9 I was expecting ( the first 9.9 sec were muted, then the sound could be heard after the 9.9 sec until 19 sec.)

How can I split it separately? It seems it goes back to Start 0. In total i would need 15 or 16 trims, each one 9.9 sec.

I hope what I wrote makes sense as english is not my native language.

The simplest way is:

  1. Select the audio that you want to export.
  2. “File menu > Export > Export Selected Audio…”

Thank you very much Steve! It worked! Almost want to hug you! Yay!!!