Trimming and joining multiple tracks easily?

I’ve used Audacity a few times in the past for minor trimming jobs. Now I’m trying to take on a larger cut/paste/add project and I’m sorta lost.

I’m trying to make a sound track for skating practice, when the music is on drills are done when its off that’s the rest period. So I need to take 10-15 tracks, cut them down to 2 minutes each, add 15 seconds of silence between them and have them play as a single track. I started working on it and this is what I’m doing open new/trim/copy/paste/generate 15s silence/rinse/repeat. That’s becoming a little tedious and after one set of pasting, my whole track went silent and I had to redo several tracks. :confused:

So what I’m wondering is this, is there a way to automate any part of this process? Is there something I could be doing to make it any easier at all?

Thanks for any help anyone can give!

Shown with mono tracks, but just the same with stereo tracks.
Use the Time Shift Tool to arrange the tracks like this:
When you export as an audio file, the tracks will be “mixed” to create a single audio file and the gaps between the tracks will be preserved.

Thank you so much! That makes things much simpler :slight_smile: