Triming audio portions

I have Windows 10, Audacity 2.0.3. I installed this over a year ago, so do not recall whether it was an installer.exe or zip.

I am trying to trim a few seconds out of an audio clip lasting about five minutes. I’ve tried setting start at 5.3 seconds then Clip Boudnaries/split, and Clip Boundaries/split new. Neither does ANYTHING! I’ve also setting start and end times (5.3 seconds to 7.2 seconds) Depressed control/alt/K, control/K, alt/K. Nothing happens, also tried using various keyboard commands such as “Delete” “Backspace” etc. Still nothing happens. I’ve also highlighted the start and end portion and hit the previous keys/commands. I’ve also tried moving the green triangle at the top of the audio file from start to finish, hit various buttons/keys, etc. and still nothing. Is it POSSIBLE to remove 2.9 seconds from an audio clip 5 minutes long? So far I have spent well over one-and-half hours trying to do so. Adivse if it can be done, and, if it can, what steps to I need to take?

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

I would do it by zooming.

Drag-select a portion of the show a bit longer than the segment to be deleted. Zoom into it with Control-E. Repeat if you’re still zoomed out too wide.

Drag-select the portion you want to delete. DEL key on the keyboard.

Zoom out to the full show with Control-F.

…Note: You can set a label at both extremes of the unwanted sound. They become sticky or magnetic and pull the cursor to themselves when you drag-select. You can get ridiculous accuracy that way without seeming to.

Zoom (Windows)
– Drag-select something on the timeline and zoom into it. Control-E
– Zoom out a little bit. Control-3
– Zoom out full. Control-F

– Shift-ScrollWheel will shift the timeline view left and right (sooner and later).

Change the timeline so it doesn’t shift by itself:
– Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update display while playing. (de-select)
…Note: Update Display is good during recording.


I would use the current Audacity 2.1.2 from if possible.


Finally have it working. Thanks for your assisstance.

Rick Brown