Trim silences

Hello everybody,

is there some feature on Audacity what will trim all silences (or close to zero noise) parts of my track? I do voice overs and a lot of times pause talking to catch my breath or read the next line in my mind without pausing the recording and have to delete that manually in editing. I already use the extend silences feature,but it does not seem to work in reverse. Any tips?


There’s a “Trim / Extend” plug-in that you could try:
That is a “Nyquist plug-in”. Installation instructions are here:

I suppose you could use Ctrl-M whilst recording, or use the Analyzer: Silence Finder to mark every occurence after the fact, but then you would still be faced with all of those manual edits.

It is not obvious that the Nyquist “Trim / Extend” plug-in would trim every silence. In a Google search, I saw some pay-to-play plugins and editor that promise to do this, but I didn’t notice any that were free.

steve, didn’t you write ExtendSilence.ny ?

Yes - this one: